V4L Technologies Ltd.

V4L Technology Brings On-Site Fluid and Particulate
Condition Monitoring into the 21st Century


V4L On-Site-Solutions is a pioneering, privately owned company based in the UK. Our core competency is in formulating, supplying and servicing bespoke, on-site fluid and particulate condition monitoring equipment across a wide range of industries including;

Offshore-Oil-and-Gas - Mining - Aerospace - Power Generation - Marine - Transport 

Drilling Platform

Our staff of highly trained professionals have many years of first-hand experience in all aspects of condition monitoring and understand that high staff turnover in remote, harsh working environments often leaves dangerous gaps in training and background knowledge. V4L bridges those gaps by providing unique, resource-on-demand, interactive software: V4L Computer Aided Debris Evaluation Training (CADET). We know that rapid on-site testing combined with state-of-the-art analytical technology provides the optimum solution to the challenge of timely on-site equipment health checks.